Radar notifier for the iPhone

Radar notifier for the iPhone

Avertinoo, a legal and community based radar notifying application for the Iphone, Avertinoo uses a regularly updated database containing well over 27.000 radars in Europe, updated and corrected by it users, sharing fixed and mobile radars, obstacles, traffic jams or any other event disturbing traffic.

Avertinoo is installed on over 900.000 iPhones, proof of it's lasting quality, seriousness and confidence from it's users.

Radar notifiers are illegal in following countries : Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Avertinoo can legally be used in the following countries (at the moment of this publication) : France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Sweden.

Avertinoo is translated in the following languages (according general preferences of the iPhone) : French, Dutch, English and Spanish .

Available on the App Store 2 127 000 Users

iPhone screenshot

Main screen Preferences radar map


Android 3G, 4G Compatible
iPhone 3G, 4G Compatible
iPhone EDGE * Incompatible
iPod ** Incompatible
iPad 3G Compatible
iPad WIFI Incompatible

* If you have a support (TomTom or alike), Avertinoo wil be fully functional.

** If you have a support (TomTom or alike), Avertinoo will warn you for fixed radars, frequent control area's and red light camera's but no live events.