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Start of the application

During the first launch of the application, it will ask if it is allowed to use your geolocalisation data. It is MANDATORY to allow the geolocalisation data for Avertinoo to function properly. If by mistake you disallowed the geolocalisation, you can modify the choice via the settings of the iPhone > general > localisation service.

Once allowed, Avertinoo will try automatically to connect to the servers to check for the latest poi version (you can set this check in the preferences of Avertinoo) If the following popup shows, it is recommended to accept the update to be sure to have the latest modifications.

Main screen


One of the first informations you will find is your speed, this is a good indication that Avertinoo is fully working. Once you have been located via GPS, Avertinoo will calculate your speed (on average once a second). The speed will most probably be different from your speedometer as manufacturers mostly overestimate the speed (the difference can easily be 10 km/h at stabilized speed and optimum GPS reception).

Avertinoo has a speeding alarm. When your calculated speed is higher then the speed allowed (if defined in the poi database) it will show the speed in red, this to allow you to slow down in time.


The check box shows you the number of speedtraps in your zone (by default 30 km around you). The higer the number, the higher the probability you'll cross a speedtrap (mobile radar)


The meerkat box shows you the number of meerkats around you (by default 30 km around you). The higher the number, the higher the probabilty to have an opener warning you for a speedtrap, mobile radar, LIDAR or danger.


The opener box shows you the number of meerkats that passed your exact spot. The higher the number, the higher the probability he can warn you of eventuel speedtraps. If one of your openers send an alert within the last 120 minutes, the waves will light up as you approach his alert.

If you have several openers, Avertinoo will show you the time since the latest opener crossed your exact spot. This time is shown in minutes just below the central medaillon. This time is updated every synchronisation with all other data.


The follower box shows the number of meerkats following your route. Avertinoo shows this number enabling you to see how many meerkats count on your vigilance and alerts.

Note that when you're in biker's mode, this box will be replaced by a bike symbol. This is to show you clearly you're in biker's mode and that you're not counted as an opener for others and that you won't have any followers neither.

Radar map

The map button will show you a zoomable map with your position, the live alerts and the poi alerts. This allows you to see if an alert is on your road, how far or just near. The buttons and gestures are explained in the tip & tricks section.


Tapping the icon containing the 3 musical notes opens the ipod function giving you all the usual options including the choice of playlists or podcasts. The ipod function has special function for easy use in your car, these gestures are explained in the tips and tricks section.

Night / day mode

The night button wil activate the night vision. This mode will avoid glare during night driving.

A simple tap on this button will toggle between day or night setting.

Limiteur de vitesse

Le bouton symbolisant un compteur de vitesse permet d'activer ou de désactiver en une pression la fonction limiteur de vitesse.

Cette fonction vous permet d'être alerté lors du franchissement ascendant des vitesses programmées dans les préférences de l'application.

Central medallion

The central medallion can have different colors :

- Violet : The gps signal isn't good enough to locate you precisely. You will have this ofter during startup or when driving in a tunnel. This state is critical since the application won't be able to warn you for any event. Be very careful.

- Blue : Localisation is correct, but no opener has been detected for you.

- Green : Localisation is correct and one or more openers have used this road within the last 120 minutes.

- Orange : You're approaching a POI warning. Be careful.

- Red : You're approaching a LIVE warning. Be careful.