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You can choose your nickname in the member area via the iPhone or computer. The default nickname is composed of 2 letters (Iphone language) plus a number.

iPod functions

The Ipod page has adapted music control function for a safe driving :

- Double-tap : same result as a tap on the "play/pause button"

- Sweep right : same result as a tap on "next song"

- Sweep left : same result as a tap on "previous song"

- Sweep up :same result as a tap on "volume +"

- Sweep down : same result as a tap on "volume -"

Radar map

The map has ergonomic gestures for a safe driving :

- Double tap or pinch out on the screen : Zoom in

- Single tap or pinch in on the screen : Zoom out

- Sweep with a finger moves the map

- Tap on the lower bar resets the counter back to 60 seconds before automatic closure of the map

- Tap on an alert icon : shows the nickname of the alerter and since when given (in minutes)

- Tap on the icon of your alert will show since when and a little red cross. If you tap the little red cross, your alert will be nullified.

Screen cshot

It can be handy to make a screenshot of your iPhone. For exemple to post on the forum a correction of a fixed radar or risk area.

For this, you have two options :

- Classical method : simultaniously push with 2 fingers the home button (down the screen) and the power button (top of the iPhone).

- The Avertinoo method with one finger, this to ensure a safe driving. Do a double tap with one finger on the lower left side of the screen on the monitoring zone..

In both cases you'll find the screenshot in the photo application "Photos" on your iPhone.

Monitoring zone

The monitoring zone has 2 sides, one shows you the raw data from the GPS module and some details from your settings, the other side will show some console with events coming up for you. You can toggle the zone (flips over) by tapping the reception dish just above the monitoring zone.