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Avertinoo doesn't close anymore

Since version 3.4, Avertinoo is multitasking capable :

When you press the home button, Avertinoo will continue to work in the background for 10 minutes. If you want to stop the application manually, please refer to the multitasking menu.

I have no radar warnings anymore

This can happen when the poi database was corrupted somehow (dropped datalink during an update for exemple). Since version 3.5 you can reset the database from within the settings. You will then be proposed to download a new copy of the poi database. To check it's integrity, look for POI on the map, if you see them, then Avertinoo will be able to warn you.

Message "illegal version"

You're iPhone once had an illegal version and thus our servers lock out your iPhone. If you have installed a legal version, be patient. Several times a day there is an automatic unlock script.

Avertinoo displays "NO GPS"

Thank you to test this method :

- The test should be done outside (of your car / home)

- Remove any cover/bumper from your iPhone

- "Settings" icon on the iPhone and then "General" :

# Reset => "Reset alerts location"

# Reset => "Reset Network Settings" (your personal data will not be erased)

iPhone restarts

- "Settings" icon on the iPhone :

# Wi-Fi => change from "not connected" to "disabled"

- Launch Avertinoo and allow it to use your current location

Until the outline of the "i" stabilizes (always outside of your car or house).

In the information quadrant displayed at the bottom left of the interface, in the right column, the accuracy of your location is shown :

- If greater than 500m, approximate location (GSM triangulation)

- If less than 60m, precise location (GPS)

Warning, if the location accuracy is less than 60m but the outline of the "i" continues to run, means you have not "disabled" the wifi in the preferences of the iPhone.

Please contact the support (contact@avertinoo.fr) if this method was not successful and let us know if Avertinoo has already worked on your phone in the past.

Avertinoo shows "NO DATA"

The loss of the 3G/EDGE/GPRS network can stop the datalink. This means your iPhone can't contact our servers to synchronize. This isn't to bad since your Iphone keeps the data it got from the last synchronization. If the drop out persists, you can try the following things :

- Open the settings on the iPhone ("Settings" icon)

- Activate airplane mode

- Wait a few seconds

- Disable Airplane mode

This forces your iPhone to reconnect to an antenna and open a hopefully more stable datalink. If this doesn't work, please contact us

Is the use of Avertinoo included in my iPhone plan ?

Avertinoo uses the same kind of connections like most apps on the iPhone, if you can surf the internet via Safari without surtaxes, then you can use Avertinoo without extra costs.

For example, all plans with "unlimited internet" or any other option "internet" will enable Avertinoo to be fully functional with all live alerts from other members.

What amount of data is used by Avertinoo ?

Avertinoo uses on average 240 Kilobytes/hour. This average depends on several settings and usage of the map. If you want to reduce the data usage you can do the following :

- In your member area, set "surveillance distance" (from 5km to 50km) to a lower number, The smaller the surveillance distance, the smaller the data amount will be each synchronization.

- Also in your member area, increase the "synchronization time" (from 30s to 180s), the higher the interval, the lower your data consumption.

- And as last, remember that the use of the map increases heavily your data consumption. Use it wisely and with moderation if you want to preserve your data usage.

Can I install Avertinoo on several devices without repaying ?

Apple allows you to share the same application on five different devices within the same iTunes account. If you have Avertinoo on your iPhone, for a greater comfort of use, you can install it on your iPad (if on the same iTunes account). Yoy won't repay but mind that your iPad has to be compatible with 3G data to obtain live alerts.

I deleted Avertinoo from my iPhone, how to I get it again?

iTunes keeps track of all your purchases on it's platform. You can simply re install an application for free if bought in the past. Simply follow the following steps :

- Go to the app store

- Go to "search store", type "Avertinoo" and open it's descriptive page

- Click on the price and then on "Buy"

- Enter your iTunes password

- A popup will tell you, you already have bought the application

- Validate the popup to start the download