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Avertinoo offers its users 2 navigation mode adapted to their vehicle :

- Car mode : You are considered as an actif member in the community, you're counted as opener/follower. If you can initiate warnings, please use this mode.

- Biker mode : You are considered as a passive member of the community. You are not counted in the openers/followers. This mode is best suited when you can't issue any warning during your trip.

With the bikerss mode you have 2 more options :

- Screen dimming : This option will dimm your screen and make it inoperative when the proximity sensor is covered. This will avoid any unwanted alerts and optimize your battery life.

- Good working order sound : You will get a little beep each time Avertinoo synchronises with the servers, telling you it is working correctly. We advice the usage of this option when using a soundset in your helmet.


Avertinoo uses all means possible (audible, visual and sensible) to warn you of any alert :

- Audible warning : You have the possibility to activate the option and adjust the volume. The volume is linked to the iPod sound and can't be adjusted separatly from the music soundlevel.

You can set a sound for the loss of GPS (violet medallion). Since this is critical we advise you to set it active to get an early warning.

- Visual warning : When approaching an alert (red medallion) you will have a flashing screen to catch your attention. According your sound environment we advise you to set this option.

- Vibrating warning : As last if you wish, Avertinoo can warn you via the vibration of the iPhone, handy if your iPhone is in your pocket. This option is disabled by default.

Speed unit

For our Anglo-Saxon users, it is possible to opt for a kilometer per hour unit or miles per hour unit, in accordance with your country.


Avertinoo has 7 different backgrounds, all tested for optimal contrast and readability. It gives you the option to personalize your copy of Avertinoo.


Since iOS 4.0 et iPhone 3 GS, you have the possibility to switch between applications. We recommend you to read the multitask section.

Configuring the alerts.

Each alert can be configured seperately in Avertinoo. You can choose the distance between 500 and 1750 m before the event or choose the automatic option. When using this setting, Avrtinoo will adapt the distance according your speed. The faster you drive, the earlier the alert will be given. If you drive in a city (slow) then the alerts will come late, avoiding you many false alerts (nearby but not on your road) The only exceptions are the red light camera's. Those are fixed at 500 m, this is the optimal distance to avoid false alerts in a city.

And finally you can choose the audible alert between 5 signals or a spoken alert.

POI update

You can disable the update in the options, but you won't be warned anymore when there is an update at the next startup of Avertinoo. On the other hand if you're going abroad and only have a limited data plan, it is a good idea to disable the updates as it will save your bandwidth usage.

If you want, Avertinoo can download the updates automatically, but as mentioned before, an update can become corrupted while driving (micro data ruptures). We recommend to update when having access to wifi or when you're not driving. This helps greatly the download.

If Avertinoo doesn't warn you anymore for fixed radars, red camera light or risk areas when those options are active, then the poi database is most probably corrupted since last update. You don't need to re install Avertinoo, just reset the poi database. A popup will ask you to download a new poi database.

Members area

If you want, you can choose a more personal nickname (other then the generic one) or even finetune some settings in the area.

You will also get a list of your alert and all the feedback you gave to the community.