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What is multitask ?

Multitasking is available from the iPhone 3GS and iOS4.0 minimum. The first generation iPhone and the 3G don't support multitasking.

It permits :

- To switch from one app to another.

- To pick up an app the way you left it.

- To execute some task in the background.

How to use multitasking

To see all the apps in use (already open), double click the home button

The last four opened application will appear down the screen :

- To see more open applications, sweep with your finger in the taskbar.

- To the right you will see recently opened applications.

- To the left you will get the basic iPod commands and the rotation lock button, one sweep more to the left shows the volume bar.

- To switch to an application, tap de icon.

- To completely close an apllication, touch the icon and keep pressing till it starts to waggle. Then tap the little minus on the badge ( - ).

Note : The multitask system doesn't show the current application in use. If you want to close it completely, you need to leave it before going into the multitask bar via the home button.

Applications in the background

With multitasking, an application can continue it's work in the background, even if you come back to the home screen. And even better it can continue it's work while you're in another application.

Since Avertinoo 3.4, multitasking is supported with compatible devices.

Avertinoo and multitasking

When you leave Avertinoo (since version 3.4) via a click on the home button, it will continue to work and keep the GPS active. It is capable of giving you warnings for eventual alerts concerning you.

An arrow next to the batterie icon is a sign that it is active and indirectly tells you that the app is functioning correctly in the background..

Limitations of the multitasking

To avoid to drain the batterie when you forgot to close Avertinoo completely (see "How to use the multitasking"), Avertinoo will stop all activity after 10 minutes in the background. You will get a popup to warn you, see the image below :

Red bullet on the badge

If you have activated multitasking, yo'll see this red bullet with a number on the badge when leaving the application. The number is the time in minutes that Avertinoo will continue to work in the background (number decreases) To disable the multitasking see "Multitask".

Activate multitasking

You can activate the multitasking in the preferences ( i ) from Avertinoo :