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Legal, European* community driven** radar warning application.

The meerkats, small mammals living in a highly socially developed organization, live in small colonies. Each adult, male or female, takes on the role of watchman to ensure the safety of the group.

In analogy to this behavior, the users of Avertinoo choose to be called meerkats.

Join us now and take your place in the big family that will have passed the 900.000 members by the time you read this. Participate actively in the biggest community application in his kind.

Avertinoo has no complicated setup. I works out of the box when you launch it.

The documentation will help you personalize your copy of Avertinoo and get the most out of it.

* Radar notifiers are illegal in following countries : Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

** Avertinoo is translated in French, English, Dutch, Spanish and soon Italien.